Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Dear Mr. President


President Obama, your contingent of intelligencia is wrong. They have been affected by
embracing incorrect beliefs and wrong headed heroes. They have been affected by the hypnotic spell which was cast upon them, by minds so diabolical as to attempt to radically morph the most successful and civilized way of life yet conceived. They think that anything which is not government oriented and controlled, is not comprehensible.
In this great country of ours, man is a mere ant, in his influence and his intellect. But when the ants of this country are marshalled to action, both in physical and intellectual strength, mountains can be moved, policies can change and political regimes can be shown the door, thus preserving the American system of capitalism and free enterprise.
Yes, Mr. President, there is an opposition majority. We exist as certainly as your attempt to reduce and eliminate our freedoms. And you know that they abound, giving our way of life a certain uniqueness, which is the envy of the entire world. Alas, how dreary would the United States be if all we had to look forward to was what the State was going to supply and how much. It would be as dreary as existing in the former Soviet Union, where individual incentive took a back seat to the central source of all power- the State.
If your position on the value of human life were in existence before you were born, perhaps there would be no Barack Obama today, and what a pity that would indeed be. The eternal light which is the United States, as exemplified in the Statue of Liberty fills the world and is on the threshold of being extinguished.
Not believe in freedom and the American system of government, and strive to sustain them? You might as well get out the hammer and sickle now and spare us the drama.
No one sees our freedoms and liberties, but that is not a sign that they should be dispensed with. The most real characteristics of our system of government are not those we can see, but those we can experience. Freedom, justice, liberty, the right to work as hard as we desire and to reap the rewards of such, without government peering over our shoulder ensuring that some ill conceived equality be satisfied, must and will continue to be our incentive.
Mr. President, you and your cohorts may dismantle our system of government, our freedoms, our liberties, but neither you nor an army of your peers will even vanquish our zest for the gift which our founding fathers gave us and for which so many have paid the ultimate price to preserve. Ah, Mr. President, in all this world, there is nothing as comforting and secure as our system of government. Thank God for what we have, and to those who are bold enough to try to take it from us, beware, the opposition majority will mobilize and you will be political history.

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