Sunday, September 20, 2009

Why no one cares

It's amazing. You ask the average person, "Who's Van Jones?" and they look at you like you have 5 heads. But you ask them, "Who's Kim Kardashian?" and they could give you a doctoral thesis.
This is a turning point in our history. We have reached a time in our country where the powers that be are so out of touch with reality that we have people like Sen. Charlie Rangel, who is one of the biggest crooks you could imagine, is writing tax code. Or Tim Geithner, head of the IRS, who is a tax cheat. But this is on TV every night - if you search for it. On my TV, it's channel 118, Fox News. Why is Fox News demonized? Because they are presenting the side of the argument that is meant to be kept a secret. But wait, let's look at the ratings. Fox News is the most watched channel in the news. Go look it up. I bet Keith Olbermann hasn't slept in months, since no one watches him.

If you watch Glenn Beck like I do, and wonder "what he hell can I do?", here's your answer. VOTE. Or as MTV like to say, "Rock the Vote". Show up to the polls. I do think that there are some good people left in Washington. There are plenty of dirty, corrupt puss eating politicians on both sides that have been selling this country down the river for some time now. But there are some left that are honest, law abiding citizens, that want to serve their country, and care about its future.

This past election year, we saw the Democratic machine at work. They got out there and won the confidence of certain people, in a much debated way. Lying. You're not going to watch World News with Charlie Gibson, and find out that dead people voted in the election. It's just not going to happen. I think enough people are fed up with the mainstream media. It's clear who is pulling the strings. Don't know what to do? DON'T WATCH IT. As ratings continue to plummet, eventually it will reach a point - start reporting news, or get on the unemployment line.

The point of all of this? Sometimes you have to beat people at their own game. Everyone loves to lecture us on how we "can't torture", or how we have to "lead by example". Pull out a history book. Remember the French and Indian war? The British, clad in bright red marching through the woods to the beat of a drum, got massacred by the Indians (allied with the French) waiting in the woods. It was called guerilla warfare. Not until the British realized that they were obvious, easy targets and employed another strategy- similar to the one that was defeating them- did they begin to make headway against their enemise. We live in a nation that wants to read a terrorist miranda rights, yet that same terrorist would sent his own offspring into a crowded American city with a bomb strapped to himself in the name of Allah. Where is that in the Koran?

The age of nievety has to end. Go to the polls - things you have never voted on before. Vote people out that do not deserve to be there. Beat them at their own game - and don't forget, there's plenty of available real estate in downtown Kabul, Afghanistan if America is so horrible.

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