Saturday, November 7, 2009

Mark Levin: The Conservatives' Paul Pierce

Because he is The Truth:

When Mark Levin says, "And see this building here. You own that building...," when he speaks of the constantly expanding presence of government in private lives and private business, when he speaks of an incredible debt that will burden people today, tomorrow, and generations from now, he is not speaking of abstractions. He is speaking of a reality in which peoples' freedoms - economic and social - are being taken away quicker and more permanently than ever.

For years liberals whined about the potential Bushitler and SkullFucker Cheney wiretapping potential terrorists. They whined about the Patriot Act being a transformative bill that would turn the United States into a permanent police state. Seven years later, where are the certain and abundant abuses of power by conservatives and bureaucrats that were supposed to be occurring daily? It never happened. And when the provisions that permitted secret wiretapping (FISA) were up for expiration and liberals controlled congress (2008), they voted for it as fast as conservatives.

Liberals love to whine about conservatives being anti-choice with respect to abortion. They thrive on characterizing the abortion debate as a dichotomous choice between women and state, without every acknowledging that the choice is much more elementary than that. It's between women and children.

While they whine about conservatives being anti-abortion "rights", they close off freedom of choice wherever possible: Would you like to keep the profit from the house you sold after seven years of living and improving it? Obama wants 20% first. Would you like to practice your faith as you see fit? Get an application, and maybe, after some bureaucratic review, you might get a permit. Would you like to speak freely, without restrictions and fear of retribution from one-sided human rights or speech panels? Don't go to a state university or work for the government. Do you like where you live, the home you've made your entire life? If the government sees a better use for it, say goobye. Did you own stock in Chrysler or GM? The unions needed that money and control more.

Private property, economic advancement is an abstraction to liberal politicians. They understand how it affects their goods and they know how to raise their salary, but couldn't care less what about what their constituents' property means to them or how badly it hurts some families to lose 20 or 30% of their income in taxes and receive little in public services to compensate.

Tonight, liberals in the House will try to take away the individual's right to decide their own health coverage: the level, cost, types, and availability of care will be put in the government's hands. All because they think American society is irreversibly inequitable and unfair. And because they think social services are a right for those who don't acquire them for themselves. If you've argued with a liberal before, you've heard it: "But, but, but they just can't do it for themselves. Some people can't. They were born into circumstances that prevent them from doing those things. You're a white male and can never understand." "Not having" or "not being something" is the excuse liberals use carte blanche to strip liberal in favor of a low-quality equality

Yeah, well bullshit. What about the droves and droves of 19th century German, Italian, Irish, and Jewish immigrants that got dumped on when they came to the US. "But that was different. They were white. They weren't discriminated against because of their skin. You can't change your skin!" The ruling class didn't care who was black and white. Irish and Italian whites were as bad or worse to Anglo whites because they shared the same skin color. Rum, Romanism and Rebellion was a battle cry against Catholics well into the 20th century. Intense discrimination was used to hold the central and southern European immigrants away from the descendants of English, French and Dutch colonialists. "But, but they were still white. They didn't know what it was like to have their skin color held against them." What about Koreans, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, and Hispanics who settled in American throughout the 19th and first half of the 20th centuries? They did so few to none of the institutionalized protections and advantages given to non-whites and lower class people now. They successfully built niches, became respected for them, and gradually assimilated while hanging onto the core of their culture.

Congress has the ability to pass discriminatory, economically crippling health care reform because of the blood and sweat shed by earlier versions of the groups they are now pretending to help. Those earlier versions of "different" and "poor" faced discrimination head on and changed the world, upholding democratic principles along the way by operating within them.

Color has nothing to do with it, economic circumstance has nothing to do with it. No matter who you are, you can do better than what the government is trying to give you.




  2. Nice find. The Weekly Standard did a similar comparison for a bill of conservative ideas that their editors compiled. We'll get this up with some comments.