Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Keep Clinging to Guns, Religion, and Winning

Republican gubernatorial wins in VA and NJ mean a lot to those states. In particular, New Jersey will benefit from someone with conservative fiscal beliefs. The state is a train wreck of government bureaucracy and property taxes:

Last year, the average bill for a homeowner was more than $7,000 — about twice the national average and 71 percent more than a decade earlier. It's a bill homeowners have to pay whether they get a big raise, a pink slip or a fixed pension.

Hopefully that will end for them. In Virginia, Democrats have promised to solve transportation and budget issues for the past eight years, but have continued to let smarter transit planning and mass transit languish and taxes rise. Bob McDonnell should help put an end to the malaise on those issues.

What does it mean to Obama? Enough for him to campaign heavily for Corzine, and even to continue to push for Deeds in VA when it was an obvious failure:

Well, big news: 2008 is over. Bush isn't president. People rightfully don't trust Democrats to create jobs or stimulate economic recovery at the state level. In 2 two years, hopefully they'll feel the same way at the national congressional level.

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