Thursday, October 8, 2009

Conservative Health Care Plan

It's called the "Small Bill Proposal" for a reason (Links to PDF). From Commentary Magazine, here's a summary of the one-page propsal:

1. Leave employer-provided insurance as it is and give individuals a $2,500 tax credit to equalize tax treatment for individuals who buy their own insurance.

2. Allow individuals to buy insurance across state lines.

3. Extend COBRA for up to 30 months, allowing people to keep their insurance if they leave a job.

4. Remove government regulations limiting insurers from offering premium breaks for healthy lifestyle choices.

5. Enact real malpractice reform (limit punitive damages to $250,000 and all noneconomic damages to $750,000).

6. Provide help to encourage insurance pools for the hard to insure.

It's that simple. The Small Bill Proposal would increase spending by less than a 1/10 of the current Democrat proposal, would cost the people nothing in new taxes, cost them nothing in mandate fines, save the people $345B in tax cuts, and accomplish the same extent of coverage over ten years (95% of all Americans).

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