Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Compost: Who Thinks Alike?

The other day Obama shined a little light into the national political discourse when he said Republicans "all think alike." I pointed out that Democrats are the ones who label those in disagreement with liberal policies as anti-intellectual, insensitive or greedy. That especially, and with much more vitriol, applies when Hispanics, Blacks, homosexuals or women do not abide by the liberal code. Then they are traitors, sell-outs, house slaves, or Uncle Toms. Democrats believe that people should vote out of self-interest, and make a political living out of urging people to identify by gender, ethnicity, or race first and country second (or not at all).

They then believe that they are entitled to those groups' votes because they work so hard to make special policies that supposedly benefit those groups. These are things like welfare and special social rights, which don't help them but actually entrap them into a cycle of poverty and/or expectation of economic and social entitlement that deters the development of genuine social equality (based on merit).

As part of this, liberals are always on the look out for potential social injustices in order to instill a victim mentality in their preferred groups. It accomplishes two things: 1) the group rallies together against a common enemy (usually a business owner or Republican) and 2) it identifies the liberal as the patron of this group. In reality, it usually just causes a minority group to vote against their own prosperity, and to sacrifice their own progress in order to score political points for liberal elites.

There is no better moment that captures all of these machinations than an interaction between CNN's Kyra Phillips and Rick Sanchez on Monday. Phillips is drilling the new owner of a Taos, NM hotel for a) after buying the hotel, laying off all the employees and making them interview for jobs, b) requiring his employees to speak English in his presence, and c) asking his telephone operators to Anglicize their names when dealing with customers on the phone.

The first two are standard procedure for a new owner in a service industry, and don't need to be discussed.

The last, and most controversial, aspect is something that immigrants have been expected to do, or done on their own, since the beginning of America. It happens all over the world. In this instance, the owner thought it'd be easier to attract customers from across the country if those people thought they were interacting with assimilated people. As a private business owner, it's also his right to set policies, so long as he is non-discriminatory in hiring and assignments.

Phillips trashes the hotel owner as a racist. Rick Sanchez joins the conversation, says that he agrees with the hotel owner, and Phillips is stunned. If she'd left it at being stunned, maybe it would have just been a surprise disagreement among liberals. But Phillips feels compelled to enlighten Sanchez, who she begins treating like an Uncle Tom:

She expects that she can show him how he should think by putting him back in touch with his people and his roots. And then, boom. It turns out Rick Sanchez Anglicized the shit out of his name. And did it because he wants to be respectful of American culture that has "allowed us as Hispanics to come here, and I think it's easier if someone's able to understand my name." Phillips continues to try to correct Sanchez, and tells him that he hasn't really Anglicized my name.

So, a liberal reporter tells a Hispanic man that she better understands the Hispanic circumstance becuase she expect all minorities to think alike and be offended by any perceived slight, even though the Hispanic man has lived through and prospered under the exact same circumstances. And Republicans all think alike.

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