Saturday, September 19, 2009

Milton Friedman and... Stephen A. Smith?

Stephen A. Smith, in an excellent interview with The Great One, completely nails what is - and what has always been - wrong with Obama's vision for the country:

It's one thing to put up for the $787 billion stimulus package, but to drop on top of that $410 billion omnibus package, $3.6 trillion budget, a cap and trade bill, and then to come with universal health care that ultimately lends towards a government takeover of the system, I did not have to listen to Mark Levin, or Sean Hannity, or Rush Limbaugh to recognize that this is something that this is something that should make us all uncomfortable.

As a young black man growing up on the streets of New York City... people may have advocated, Mark, government intervention in terms of supervising things and making sure we were all operating under a fair and equitable system, but I don't recall anybody - and I do mean anybody - that has ever walked into the Black community and advocated a government take over of anything. It's about handling your own business. [emphasis his]
America is not a country of dependents. It was not set up to have citizens rely on the government for all of their needs. Smith, speaking from his own experience, mentions the Black community, but his points apply equal to all American citizens. The government's role in society should be to, as Smith puts it, "level the playing field," which means the same as guaranteeing equality of opportunity. It is not to give equality of outcome to all, or to advance one set of citizens ahead of another set. His interview is completely in sync with two basic ideas that should define government's role:

1. Nothing the government gives you is going to be better - in quality or quantity - than what you can give yourself.

2. "Nobody spends somebody else's money as wisely as he spends his own." - Milton Friedman

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