Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Obamacare Is Un-healthy and Mean

There are a lot of contradictions in modern liberalism. One of the primary ones that stands out is the elevation of social liberties over economic liberties. It would seem that both should be equal, and maybe there should be no distinction between the two.

It's hard to understand why a person would get worked up to the point of derangement about, for example, little or un-used Patriot Act provisions that can prevent serious attacks against the US and only negatively affect criminals or terrorists, yet be perfectly at peace with the government taxing: income, shopping, smoking, alcohol consumption, soda consumption, dinner at a restaurant, staying at a hotel, gambling, attending a sporting event, attending a concert, your income (state level), your profit on securities investments, your profit on selling your house, your income (county level), and even the money that the government gives you to stimulate the economy (stimulus checks were taxed last year).

Similarly, it's difficult to understand why modern liberals put so much blind faith in the government. Currently they want to diminish economic freedom by expanding government involvement in health care. In the same of social equality, they'd like to ruing a system that provides Big advocates of democratic principles when it's convenient (protesting the Patriot Act, registering anybody and everybody to vote), they couldn't care less about the will of the majority when it contradicts their instincts.

It's becoming increasingly obvious that no one wants health care reform as it's presented by Obama and Congressional Democrats. But still, townhall protestors and tea bag demonstrators are unruly, mob-like, violent and dangerous. It doesn't matter that 55% of voters in contested Congressional districts (where there's likely to be a close-to-even mix of party affiliation) don't want single-payer, and 70% don't want mandates or fines to force people to buy insurance.

Obamacare would severely limit peoples' insurance options. Not just by which insurers they'll be able to choose, but what type of plans they'll be able to purchase. A minimum and a maximum coverage will be set. People won't be able to spend their money as they see fit. Seniors with private insurance through Medicare Advantage will have to get public insurance through Medicare. Another tax will be added for people with plans the government deems too expensive. Another tax will be added if insurance is mandated through fines. Government will control how and when you get treated. Inevitably, a crowd out will occur, and choices will be limited. Insurers may be large corporation, but there is no business as large as the federal government.

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