Saturday, October 3, 2009

Contradictions: Terrible Priorities

I guess the New York Times and Barack Obama do have the same priorities. Chicago losing out on the Olympics is no where near as important as the jobless rate hitting 9.8%. Not even close. Almost 1 in every 10 Americans is unemployed. Estimates of the real unemployment rate (which includes frustrated workers and people who settled for part-time work) are 17%. All attempts by the Obama administration to provide immediate relief to the economy have failed. Does he need to do anything more? No, just worry about the Chicago Olympics.

Similarly, the situation in Afghanistan is in dire need of direction and leadership. Obama talks about needed to reexamine Afghanistan and create a new strategy. Toward that effort, he's met with the top commander, Gen. McChrystal, twice since he took office. Last month, McChrystal asked for more troops. Obama said wait. Last week, McChrystal called for a strong commitment to the Afghan war. Obama keeps waiting. Instead of carefully analyzing and explaining to his general (or to the American people, as liberals often demanded Bush do) what the plan is in Afghanistan, Obama chose to go to Copenhagen with his wife and Oprah to lobby for the Olympics. An excellent use of his time, it turns out, because the IOC shot him down on the first ballot.

(Read more about if the bid was a failure, how the bid was a failure, are conservatives bad for considering the bid for the Olympics an Obamafailure, and are conservatives rooting against America for pointing out the Obamafailure at Ace of Spades.)

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