Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Can't Spell UN Without "Dumb F'n Idiots"

It's good to see Canadians are able to recognize legitimately offensive speech when it's right in front of them. Canada is always ready to bend over to defend supporters of terrorist networks in their Human Rights Commissions, but they got it right this week when they announced that they'd walk out Ahmewhatever's UN speech. As expected, Bullshidinejad went on a diatribe against the West, Israel and the US in specific. As announced, Canada took a hike. As did a stream of other countries that presumably showed up to do the same thing.

Other stuff that's pretty interesting: Libya's dictator, Gadhafi, is crazy. He says the UN needs to give more authority and deference to member countries. The bigger mystery is why Libya is allowed to speak inside of the UN. Or Iran for that matter. One brilliant Gadhafi insight: “They make the virus so that the capitalist companies will have the vaccinations, create the vaccinations, and they want to sell it... This is really bad ethic.”

In the real world, where the ramblings of belligerent, murdering dictators aren't held aside the policies and values of democratic societies, an Iranian exile gave a clear picture of Ahmedinejad: "He's a murderer! They took my 19-year-old brother and killed him," said Allen Tasslimi, a member of the Association of Iranian-Americans. ... "Ahmadinejad is known in Iran as the 'Terminator' -- and not because he resembles Arnold Schwarzenegger," Safavi said.

The UN is a corrupt joke.

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